Mobile Yoga Skating Tips #2 "Turns & Stops"

skating Mar 26, 2011

My daughter Jadyn-The cutest skater I know!

The following are a few more skating tips for those of you who would like to increase your skating skill repertoire to include turns and additional ways to stop.  The highlighted skills have a video link attached.

  • To facilitate a parallel turn, look in the direction of the turn prior to making the turn happen.  This will accomplish two things;  most importantly you will know what you are turning into(safety concern) and secondly by looking in the direction of the turn you will already but rotation in motion with your head, and your body will follow
  • If you are falling backward when performing the parallel turn, increase the knee bend and apply additional pressure to the inside leg.
  • Muscle memory development is key to becoming proficient in a skill.. For optimal skill performance, be sure to develop each part of the skill.
  • Open arms to center of circle or turn when performing the Forward Crossovers.  By rotating your body toward the center turn you can better maintain control and momentum of the turn.
  • In Forward Crossovers, it is important that your arms and upper body are open to the direction you are crossing.  “Hugging” the turn will allow for more control going in and out of the turn.
  • The Spin Stop is a great slow speed stop.  If you are traveling at a speed greater then 5mph, you should choose a Heel Brake Stop or T-Stop.