Traditional Yoga in the Satyananda Style 11:00-12:15pm

Deepen your present moment awareness of the body, mind and breath in this foundational yoga class. Classes will include the Pawanmuktasana series (joint mobility, digestive and energy block postures) classical sun salutation, basic breathing practices and the meditation techniques of Satyananda Yoga Nidra® (psychic sleep) and antar mouna (inner silence).

Taught in the Satyananda style, each well rounded class is suitable for all with modifications and options given to meet practitioners at their current level of fitness and yoga experience.

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Off skate conditioning is a way to supplement training during and after the season to ensure strength, agility, balance, coordination and endurance is maintained or enhanced. In this time of confinement during the COVID-19 outbreak it can be a way skaters can stay strong and ready. Plus, it is a great way for skaters to connect and maintain their bonds with their friends and fellow skaters during this time off of the ice and pavement.

Each yoga session will include joint mobility movements and classical yoga postures aimed at improving overall flexibilty, strength and balance in the body and end with a breathing practice that is focused on breath efficiency and expansion.
These classes are conducted through Zoom. Please download Zoom at prior to class to ensure that you can login without difficulty. Once you have signed up you will receive an email with login information. Classes close 15 minutes prior to start time.  Cost: $10/1 Hour Class

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