Online Classes

It is hard to beat the connections that take place between teacher and student during a yoga class. This is the truth. However, the pandemic showed us virtual connections can be the next best thing. Online classes area great option for those on the go or who cannot make it to a studio. 1 on 1 or group classes can be scheduled.

Speaking Engagements

If there is someone who can talk about the benefits of skating and yoga for hours (separately and even together!) it is Kris. With a Master in Education - Exercise Science she can be great compliment to any health or fitness related event. 


Off Skate Training

Off skate conditioning for skaters is a way to supplement training during and after the season to ensure strength, agility, balance, coordination and endurance is maintained or enhanced. 
Each yoga session will include joint mobility movements and classical yoga postures aimed at improving overall flexibilty, strength and balance in the body and end with a breathing practice that is focused on breath efficiency and expansion.
These session can be schedule in person in the Cleveland, Ohio area or via Zoom.

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