Mobile Yoga Press-A Year in Review!

Mobile Yoga Press-A Year in Review!

The Mobile Yoga Workout was officially launch last March and the following is some of the press we've received.

Much thanks and gratitude goes out to Rollerblade, Purple Orange, and to all the writers and editors that included the Mobile Yoga Workout in their publications!

May 2010

June 2010

July 2010



October 2010

November/December 2010

With mixed reviews, Mobile Yoga has also been featured in quite a few blogs and online publications.  Even bad press is good press!  At least Mobile Yoga was on their radar.... JivaFit The Ski Channel Yoga Dork Time Out Chicago IHRSA Yoga Journal Online It's All Yoga Baby Bliss Tree Yoga

Coming April 2011

Mobile Yoga Featured in Cosmopolitan Health


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