Mobile Yoga In Singapore!

mobile yoga workout Jul 20, 2011

Perfect weather and the perfect group for the Mobile Yoga Workshop held in Singapore!

The first workshop in Singapore was held in December 2010 and I was pleased to be invited to conduct a second workshop.   The group in attendance was made up certified skating instructors who wanted more tricks when it comes to improving their own and their student's skating technique. The 4 hour workshop flew by as we worked our way through each component of the workout; settling, off-skate warm-up, on-skate warm-up, push & glide rhythm, cool down, and meditation.

Taking time to properly warm up the body and prepare it for skating set all the participants up for success.  Being able to slow down each part of the stroke and control every nuance of the movement through a variety of drills is the best way t to make long lasting changes to form and technique.  Everyone, even the most accomplished in the group, felt the challenges of slowing down.  And although our time together was relatively short, it was apparent that the time was put to good use as everyone's skating technique improved in some way by the end of the session. As always, everyone loved the breath awareness, or meditation component that came at the end of the workout. 

While the benefits of taking time to just sit and be still on a regular basis have been well documented, it seems so much easier to take the time to just that when someone gives us permission.    After all the work we did on skates this group did not need much persuading! It wasn't until after we concluded the session that someone pointed out that we forgot the "Moving On-Skate Postures" part of the workout.  I thought this was pretty funny because since it's inception the Mobile Yoga Workout has caught a lot of heat from yoga purist questioning the validity and necessity of doing on skate postures.  While I have repeated stated that the workout is more about body and breath awareness while skating and less about doing a rolling Warrior Pose, this session validated this point.  Omitting this component proves that the workout doesn't need the "eye candy" of a rolling Lord Shiva's Dance Pose but instead some earnest  skaters that are dedicated to improving their skating technique and efficiency through slowing down and connecting movement and breath.

Thank you to all that attended the program!  Looking forward to seeing you at the 3rd Mobile Yoga Workout Workshop to be held in Singapore next year!

Keeping knee straight throughout Leg Lift will work on increasing hamstring flexibility

The Squat Hold-My Signature Torture Move

Just can't get enough of the 1 Legged Drills to equalize stroke and stride.

Tree Pose improves balance by strengthen muscles in the ankles improving your "Balance in Motion" while skating

After "Balance in Motion" take time to be motionless with Meditation.