Mobile Yoga in Piran, Slovenia!

Mobile Yoga in Piran, Slovenia!

I recently returned from a trip to Europe and had the pleasure of skating with two of my children and good friend and native Slovenian Franc Pirc  in Tartini Square in Piran, Slovenia. Tartini Square is named after violinist Giuseppe Tartini and is a gathering point in Piran. 

It is an exquisite setting and has a built in "rink" that practically begs to be skated on! Having skated with Franc many times before on Tartini Square I was already accustomed to that fact that he is somewhat of a celebrity on Tartini Square and by association, temporarily become one as well!  On most days Franc can be found skating to the music that emanates from the many cafes and restaurants that surround the square for the crowd that has gathered or giving lessons to children and adults who want to learn the basics. Franc has been skating since the mid-90's and really enjoys the freedom and exhilaration that skating can bring. He rarely misses a day skating and averages approximately 330 days per year.  To see him skate you would never guess that he was 71 years old!

Prior to my visit, Franc had seen the Mobile Yoga Workout website and wanted to go over the basics of the workout as well as some of the on skate postures. Since Franc starts every day with various yoga postures, stretches, and breathing exercises, he was able to easily integrate what he already practices into the workout.  After going through the basics Franc was eager to show me some of his own "on-skate postures"  My favorite, the one legged-waiter or what I renamed and ""yogified"the one-legged lotus"" (shown above) was my favorite.

Franc is an inspiration to all of us and through his obvious health and vitality is a prime example of how an active life can keep you truly "mobile".

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