International Yoga Nidra Conference

yoga Aug 31, 2019

In June I had the honor of being asked to join my teacher Swami Atmarupa at the First International Yoga Nidra Conference held at Kripalu. The confernce was a vision of Richard Miller's of iRest Yoga Nidra and he brought together a variety of presenters teaching different versions of the ancient practice. With over 300 people in attendance we had break out sessions of each type of Yoga Nidra with evening programming that brought us all together with more Yoga Nidra, kirtan, trance dance, etc. It was truly an amazing opportunity to be included with so many who have been promoting this practice and healing people with it from around the world.

The practice is one of the most powerful practices for healing and to be able to present Satyananda Yoga Nidra along side of Swami Atmarupa was truly a blessing and I learned so much through the experience. 

In previous blog posts I have shared my personal love for this guided meditation practice as well as illustrated the positive feedback I have received from university students and athletes over the years. The benefits of practicing Yoga Nidra regularly are enumerable; such as better sleep, more energy, lower stress levels, mental clarity, etc. Knowing that I have seen progress in my own practice and have the fortune to facilitate others healing through this practice is very rewarding.

Interested in finding out what you missed? Yoga International recorded all sessions and this conference is now for sale world wide to all those who were unable to attending this first of a kind event.