Berlin Inline Marathon September 24, 2011

skating May 08, 2011

Spring has certainly sprung and that means it is time to get out and skate.    The Inline Skating portion of the BMW Berlin Marathon sponsored in part by Rollerblade, is an opportunity to take your skating to the next level, or for those who have already skated a marathon, a great excuse to get out and do another.  With almost 20 weeks of training still ahead there is plenty of time to get into shape and to prepare for this exciting race. In the next few weeks the Rollerblade site will be posting various fitness and skating tips that I have put together to get you, the recreational/fitness skater, ready for the race.   In the meantime make an effort to get out there and skate.

3 Tips to Get You Started

1. Figure out your starting point.  If you don't own a pair of skates, borrow or rent a pair.  If you haven't skated or it has been a while consider making arrangements to  take a lesson with a certified instructor, Once you realize how much you love it,  and you WILL love skating, you definitely want your own pair of skates.  Check out for a dealer near you. 2.  Give your skates a once over or upgrade all together.  If you have a pair of skates make sure that they are in good working order by checking the wheels and brake(if you have one) and get out there for a skate.  If your skates are older than 5 years old I strongly encourage you to consider looking into a new pair. There are many new fitness specific skates that will not only feel and look great on your feet but will make skating feel easier,  and because of recent skate technology, more efficient.  I am currently training in Rollerblade Activa 90 W and love them!

Click on the picture above for more information about Rollerblade Activa 90 W

3.  Start Training.  Depending on your skating ability and fitness level, you may want to start with 30 minutes on your skates and go from there.  Remember to master the basics of skating (moving, stopping, turning) so you will have the skills necessary to maneuver through the crowd of skaters and the streets of beautiful Berlin. I will be posting specific training tips through in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check in often or feel free to drop me a line. Skating in an inline Marathon gives recreational and fitness skaters a chance to take their skating to a new level.  Are you ready?  Come on and join me and find out!