A Mobile Yoga Life In Review-2018

skating Dec 25, 2017

"Mobile Yoga" as a concept is showing the complimentary aspects of yoga and skating; "Mobile Yoga " as a lifestyle? Well, that would describe mine.

In 2017, skating kept me "flying" around rinks in Cleveland and over 80000 miles in the air from the beaches of LA to the mountainous regions of China. While yoga continued to serve as an anchor to good health, inner peace and the cultivation of present moment awareness. Skating and Yoga, two aspects of my personal and "work" life, certainly continued to serve me well in 2017.  It is hard to believe that at 50 years old I have managed to cultivate such a physically active, mentally stimulating, and emotionally rewarding life. Thanks to the support of my husband Greg and my children-who lovingly chide me as "the absentee mother,"  I am truly blessed and my life filled with so much love and happiness.

Let's take a look at a "Mobile Yoga Year in Pictures."

January 9-17 Beijing, China/Seoul Korea  Sled Dogs SnowskatesSled Dogs China-Korea Team 2017Sled Dogs Logo Grey




January 18-May 5 Cleveland , Ohio  Spring Semester    Cleveland State University

CSU Shavasana Spring 2017

January 26-31 Los Angles, CA .  Rollerblade Workout & Tips for Beginners 2 Videos LA RB Video KrisStop & Go Workout  

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 11.01.54 AM

February 2-5 Miami, FL   Skater Migration Event Skate Migration Yoga 2017Kris & Tree South Beach 2017Skater Migation 2017

February 20 New York City Visit Friends & Catch a Show NYC Blue Man Group Kris Jade 2017

April 8 & 9 New York City   Saturday Night Live Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.37.51 AM


May 5-12 Venice, Italy     Rollerblade International Sales Meeting

B Annual Sales Meeting

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.39.41 AM

May 15-24 Chongqing/Hanzhou/Shanghai China  Inline Certification Program Chongching L1 & L2 2017Nails Chongching 2017Bikes Huangzhou 2017

June 1- 3 New York City Parkinson's Foundation & Columbia University Reunion Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.44.28 AM

June 9-11 Snowshoe, West Virginia      Wanderlust  Wanderlust Kris & Tree 2017

June 12-July 30 Cleveland, OH   Cleveland State University Summer Research Inline Skating StudyCSU VO2CSU Study One Legged

July 1 Cleveland, OH     Kris' 50th Birthday Extravaganza WEB FINAL 28 (3)Kris 50th Mark & David WEB FINAL (11)WEB FINAL (9) WEB FINAL (7)Kris-Edited



July 2-July 19th  Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria  European Vacation Slovenian Mountain Family 2017Bratislava Family 2017   Piran with Franc 2017

August 11-15 Madrid, Spain  ICP Level 2/Level 3 & Sled Dogs SnowskatesMadrid L3 Night Skate 2017Madrid L2 & L3 Groupo August 2017Madrid Snowzone 2017

August- December  CSU Fall Semester CSU Lord Shiva  

September-present Cleveland Area,  OH  Learn to Play Hockey & Technique/Power SessionsKris MentorCH LTP

October 12 Chagrin Falls, OH  The Pond -Teaching to Be Teachers SeminarThe Pond LTS Program

December 7-17 China/Korea  Sled Dogs Snowskates Sled Dogs Nanashan 2017Harbin INdoor Sled Dogs 2017 Sled Dogs Kris & Xu Wei 2017Sled Dogs Harbin 2017 Korea Party 2017

December 18-20 Los Angeles, CA  Visit Friends Santa Monica Kris & Jade 2017.jpgEnd of the trail indeed! Kris' Mobile Year in Review.....The End.