"Mobile Yoga" in 2019

yoga Jul 16, 2019

The Mobile Yoga Workout was originally designed to connect the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of an inline skating workout with the serenity and deep physical and mental relaxation that is inherent in a well-rounded yoga practice. However, since this time, it has become much more to me. "Mobile Yoga" as a concept is really much, much bigger than "Mobile Yoga" as a "workout". Mobile Yoga is really about being aware and connected as much as possible to everything you think, say and do.

But let's start with Mobile Yoga as a workout.

Originally, however, the concept came out of a discussion with the marketing director at the skating company Rollerblade. A yoga practitioner, and long-time skater herself, she felt that there was some kind of connection between the two disciplines and was looking for new ways to promote skating. While it may have been seen as a way to hop on the "yoga bandwagon" in 2010, I never looked at it that way as I had already been combining the benefits of skating and yoga for years in my own life and the lives of skating athletes that I coached.

Mobile Yoga as a workout can benefit skaters, yoga practitioners and those looking to improve their overall health and wellness. 

For skaters The Mobile Yoga Workout incorporates the natural push and glide rhythm of inline skating with the mindful breathing and relaxation benefits of yoga.  By applying the basic yoga principal of body and movement awareness to inline skating, The Mobile Yoga Workout enhances skating technique, efficiency, and performance, which leads to a more satisfying skating experience. The physiological and psychological by-products of conscious breathing and body awareness together with the increase in flexibility by performing various yoga postures regularly, can give the beginner and even the seasoned skater the edge

For those that practice yoga but may not have spent a lot of time on skates, the Mobile Yoga Workout provides a moving meditational experience. Since most yoga practices do not inherently have a strong cardiovascular component, skating serves yogis and yoginis well. 

Yoga practitioners can draw upon the familiar of body and breath awareness when attempting to master the basics of the new task of skating.  Once comfortable on skates and familiar with the basics of moving, stopping, turning, the speed and length of time on skates can be increased to meet the individual’s personal physical fitness needs.

For those looking at a way to improve cardiovascular health and reduce bodily and mental stress but don’t have a lot of time, the Mobile Yoga Workout provides the best of both disciplines.  

Since 2009 when the first "Mobile Yoga" as a workout discussion commenced, I have incorporated the concepts into all aspects of my teaching.  If I am working with hockey players on the ice my focus is to help them learn to make the connection between what they are doing and what they are thinking about. This is not easy for children.  On the whole children are very intuitive and often move before they are aware of how and why. Also, depending on the age and level of cognitive development it is often difficult motorically to make the connection between mind and body. That said, through the break down of skills into progressions, they begin to make those connections. They become aware of what they can and cannot do easily and begin to "self correct" or at least "self report" when they don't "feel" that they did the move correctly or when their mind has gone off task.

When I am working in my part time job in a cardiac rehabilitation unit I apply the concepts of Mobile Yoga when talking to patients about the interconnectedness between behaviors and health. Helping to align their goals with behaviors, we are often discussing daily habits and how they can have a positive and negative effect on health. Yoga is about being aware and connected to the present moment and maintaining that connection. However, when it comes to behavior change, this can be extremely difficult!

So Mobile Yoga started as a workout to bring together skating and yogic concepts and has evolved into a way of life that has not only impacted how I approach life, but through my efforts of teaching others, has become part of their awareness as well.

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