Still "Pushing" for 100


About this time last year I embarked on my first attempt to reach 100 pushups through the "7 Weeks to 100 Pushups"  program.  After completing the program I managed to squeak out 54 (with a few breaks along the way) with what I am certain was marginal form.  I went on to complete the program again a few months later and made it to 60, again with  few breaks, but 100 was still elusive.

So on my third attempt, which start a little over 7 weeks ago, I was once again on the quest to 100.  During this latest attempt I added assisted dips and pull ups regularly to my twice a week workout which I believe may have also helped because..... I made it to 101!  Well, sort of. "Sort of" because it wasn't non-stop but what I did look like this:

  • 60 non-stop push-ups
  • 20 second rest
  • 17 more push-ups
  • 20 Second rest
  • 13 more push-ups
  • 20 second rest
  • 11 more to make it 10

So all in all it took me 3 minutes 40 seconds to complete 101 push ups.  Really a huge improvement over the last two attempts-plus it wasn't as much of a struggle as the first two trys and I felt so much stronger leading up to exhaustion.   The first 60 push-ups that I did not only put me in the "Excellent" range for my age group(Women 40-49), but also in the "Excellent" range for men under 30.  Not too shabby! This week I started attempt #4 so hopefully I can get to 100 in one go this time, or at least if I have to rest, cut down the time it takes to make it there.   Meanwhile, I have been inspired by the pull-ups and dips I have been doing at the gym that recently picked up the book "7 Weeks to 50 Pull-ups"   and will give that program a go starting tomorrow.  Considering I cannot even do one unassisted pull up, I think that 50 is going to be a stretch in 7 weeks.  The good thing is that we already have a portable pull-up bar which is a step in the right direction. So off to another 7 weeks of pulling.  Kind of like life.  Will keep you posted...   For some great information on Push Ups  check this out!  

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