"Calling Ganesha" The Much-Loved Remover of Obstacles.


Tomorrow I will be heading to Mumbai, India to conduct skating programs for the Inline Certification Program.   This will be my second trip to India with the first to the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger in 2011.  It is amazing to me that in a span of two years my two passions;  studying yoga and teaching skating, would bring me to India twice.  Not many people have the opportunity to go to India at all-but twice in two years?! Not only is it incredible to have another chance to travel to India in such a short span of time, it is a VERY auspicious time to be in Mumbai in particular.  From 9 September-19 September the Mumbai Ganesh festival will take place.   It is one of the biggest celebrations in the city celebrating the Birth (rebirth) of Lord Ganesh-the remover of obstacles.   It is believed that Lord Ganesh bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festival.  According to one article I read  "It's a giant street party with a special spiritual meaning!"

Ganesh Mantra 

"Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah"  

Prostrations/Salutations to the Lord of the World

  The Ganesh mantra is believed to remove all evil and obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.  Through the years there have been quite a few obstacles in the way of the certification program- in India and elsewhere in the world so count me in as one of Ganesh's devotees now and forever more! Thank you again to Certified Instructors Ajay, Dhiraj, Jatin, and Pankaj for bringing the program to India for the first time.  Your tireless efforts are very much appreciated.   Thank you also instructor candidates for taking on the challenge and seeing the benefit of bringing safe and effective inline skating instruction to the children of India!  And lastly, thank you in advance to Lord Ganesh for blessings and removing any obstacles that may come my way.      

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